The Best Event You Won't Attend

We don't know what you are planning to do, but we know you won't be coming to this amazing event. On August 22, 2020, you might have plans, or you might not.

Why not spend some time joining together with so many other Calvin Crest supporters by (not) attending the Calvin Crest UnEvent.

You won't want to miss this exciting opportunity to help Calvin Crest during these difficult times caused by the COVID-19 shut down. The UnEvent will feature your favorite music, food, activities and more. The best part of this event is that you don't have to leave your home to attend! That's right...this will be the biggest, most impactful event that you will never attend.

Once you are registered, you will be provided with a packet of information to guide you through the event. It is self-paced, and organized by the person that knows the most about your preferences: YOU. We encourage you to spend your evening listening to your favorite Christian artist, taking part in a fun activity with friends and family, enjoying dinner from your favorite restaurant (or cooking if you prefer), participating in a virtual campfire and making some lifelong memories along the way.
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Register for the event on our website. (Kids attend free!!!)

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Share this UnEvent on social Media along with an invitation for your friends and family to attend with you.


On the night of the event, post how you are celebrating and post them with the hashtag #CalvinCrestUnEvent so everyone can see them!

In place of our normal Family Fun Day at Calvin Crest, we're getting together in (much) smaller groups around the country. We want you to be safe and comfortable and weren't sure we could actually pull off an event of this size on our property with all that's going on.

With a sharp decline in rental groups, summer camp and other income we are asking our camp family to help us continue to provide great experiences in the future.

The Calvin Crest UnEvent allows our supporters to come together and have a great time...without actually having to be in the same building. Hundreds of families can be a part of #CalvinCrestUnEvent

Click the button below and register for your tickets (remember kids attend for free!). When you are there, you will be able to purchase your tickets.

You will also have the opportunity to purchase party favors. These party favors work a bit different though. They will stay at Calvin Crest to support the ongoing work that keeps this amazing place going.

These party favors will help us cover some of the operating costs that we are incurring no matter the number of guests or campers on the property.

All proceeds from the Calvin Crest UnEvent will benefit Calvin Crest and our mission.

Support a Great Mission from the Comfort of Your Own Home