How do I contact my child? Can my child write letters home?

There are a few ways for you to write your child. You can purchase a block of 5 emails (1/day) for $5.  The office staff prints those emails once per day and distributes them with the other mail at a meal.  This is a quick and efficient way to send your love and share news from home.  You may also mail letters and cards to the camp to be distributed to your child.  If there is an emergency, please feel free to call the camp office at (402) 628-6455.  The office hours generally are 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday through Friday.  Please leave a message after hours.  We generally do not allow campers to call home.  This is due to the fact that the camp experience is often a busy place and children and youth are involved in activities, Bible study, recreation and friend-making.  If your child would like to send a letter home, they are able to do so.  They can purchase stamps and envelopes in the camp store or you can send them with addressed and stamped envelopes.  To send it out, they can place the letter in the green mailbox outside the office door.