Summer Camp

AS OF JUNE 7, 2020, Calvin Crest has CANCELLED all summer camp programming.

You're Stuck! We can help.

Your kids are craving face-to-face interaction and being someplace different.  They want to be inspired by other caring adults, having fun, laughing, playing and being together.  Normally, camp is a great option.  This year, camp is almost a necessity.

Calvin Crest is planning a full slate of camps for all ages this summer (Lord willing and the creek don't rise).  We are monitoring the current situation and are waiting as long as possible to make a decision about camp.  In the meantime, we are planning, preparing and praying that camp can happen.  Why?  Because kids need camp now, more than ever.  Your kids need camp!

This year, because of the current situation, you can register for camp at NO RISK to you.

  1. Choose your camp
  2. Register
  3. Pay the Deposit (fully refundable if a something prevents you from attending)

Because you are reading this page, you think that camp is the right place for your child.  We agree.  For over 60 years, campers have been coming to camp at Calvin Crest.  Camp does a world of good for children.  They unplug from the world and plug into a special community that loves them, encourages them and helps them grow.

And, we make it as easy as possible for you to register your child for camp.  Online registration allows you to register and pay from the comfort of your home.  Attentive support staff are able to answer your questions.  Helpful parent information gives you the tools you need to make this experience a success (for your child and for you).

And on the day you drop your child off at camp, you'll feel what thousands of camper families have felt--a sense that this is a great place for kids to be.

"Calvin Crest is a special place filled with the Holy Spirit.  I've come to know that from the experiences of my kids and others, but having the opportunity to experience it myself was one that I will not forget."  --A Camper Parent


Summer Staff

They go home with so many memories--campfires, new friends, games, cabin time, hikes in the woods, splashing in the pool, cool counselors and most importantly a desire to continue learning more about God.

Studies over the last 20 years show that over half of the youth and adults who participate at camps, conferences and retreats at places like Calvin Crest have a singular spiritual growth experience they remember for the rest of their lives.

Summer Camp is an opportunity for kids to be kids while learning and growing and having fun.

Calvin Crest Camp and Conference Center is located on 250 beautiful acres overlooking the Platte River.  Our programming encourages positive relationship-building with peers and caring adults.

Staff are carefully chosen based on their love of God, aptitude for working with children and youth, enjoyment of nature and ability to pass rigorous background and reference checks.

Summer Camp FAQs