Summer Camp FAQs

FAQs.  Please select a category to find the answers to some of your most pressing questions.  If you don’t see your question, please contact us.

Miscellaneous Camp Questions

Calvin Crest strives to demonstrate, model and encourage campers to make friends. Many campers find a lifelong friend at camp.  Many of our activities are designed to encourage friendships in a natural and organic way.  Staff are trained to assist those who may be hesitant to reach out to others and are alert to those who withdraw or do not engage.  While there is no guarantee that your child will make friends, our staff tries their best to encourage campers in positive ways to be friendly with everyone and to connect with others in significant ways.

Calvin Crest staff take pictures throughout the week for the slideshow shown during the closing parent’s dinners on Friday nights. These photos are also used for promotional material and the summer camp brochure.  We also provide a link to the parents for the photos of their week of camp.  We occasionally post a short video or photo on social media throughout the week, but our purpose is to let the kids be kids and not worry about the photographer and how they will look online.

Calvin Crest offers two basic types of camp experiences. Traditional camp is what many people think of when they think of camp.  Campers participate in a wide variety of experiences throughout the week and get to choose options from those that are available.  There is a balance of activities, faith formation, fellowship and free time each day.  Our specialty camps (ranch camp, Mt Biking, adventure etc.) are more focused.  By signing up for one of these options, campers are choosing to spend a significant chunk of their day doing that one activity.  And then, the rest of the day is spent with the traditional campers in faith formation, swimming and more.

There is a camp store located across from the dining hall. It is open a few times a week during free time.  We sell Calvin Crest branded items including shirts, water bottles, and other souvenirs.  $10-$20 is usually sufficient.  The camp store is generally open on Friday evenings during camper pick-up.  We do not make a big deal about the camp store as some campers do not come with money to spend.

You are in for a great week of horses. We partner with the nearby Boy Scout Camp for the horse portion of camp.  It is extremely helpful to have shoes with a heel to help with riding in the stirrups, like any kind of hiking or work boots.  Cowboy boots are not necessary though.  And, all campers wear riding helmets when with the horses, so a cowboy hat is only for your comfort and style when not riding.

Mountain Biking Camp is a great chance to learn more about this sport and how to safely ride single track, care for your bike, build and maintain trails and more. Calvin Crest has a fleet of bikes that will be used during the week.  We also have helmets and gloves and will provide a water bottle for the bike.  If you have padded bike shorts, your own bike gloves or kit, feel free to bring them, but they are not necessary.  We’ll all be saddle-sore together.

Family Camp begins at 10:00 AM on Saturday and ends after lunch on Sunday. During those 27 hours, your family will have the opportunity to connect with each other, fellowship with other families, worship together, grow together and have a blast.  If you don’t feel you’ve had enough time, feel free to stick around for a couple more hours and hike and explore the grounds.

Explorers Camp begins at 7:00 PM on Friday and ends after lunch on Sunday. Please eat before you arrive on Friday night.  You’ll have a delicious campfire snack on Friday evening, three meals on Saturday and two meals on Sunday.  Please plan to stay for the entire experience to maximize your child’s learning opportunities.

There are a few ways for you to write your child. You can purchase a block of 5 emails (1/day) for $5.  The office staff prints those emails once per day and distributes them with the other mail at a meal.  This is a quick and efficient way to send your love and share news from home.  You may also mail letters and cards to the camp to be distributed to your child.  If there is an emergency, please feel free to call the camp office at (402) 628-6455.  The office hours generally are 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday through Friday.  Please leave a message after hours.  We generally do not allow campers to call home.  This is due to the fact that the camp experience is often a busy place and children and youth are involved in activities, Bible study, recreation and friend-making.  If your child would like to send a letter home, they are able to do so.  They can purchase stamps and envelopes in the camp store or you can send them with addressed and stamped envelopes.  To send it out, they can place the letter in the green mailbox outside the office door.

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