Summer Camp FAQs

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Check-Out Information

The parent’s dinner, for most camps is on Friday night at 5:30 pm. We eat in the West Dining Hall.  It is a time to connect with your camper, meet their new friends, see the slideshow, eat and watch the brief program following dinner clean-up.  We are generally done by about 6:30 pm and you are free to check your child out with their counselor and depart.  The parent’s dinner is not mandatory and our counselors remain responsible for your child until you sign them out.

Throughout the week, we attempt to locate the owners of lost items that are left around camp. As we attempt to continue your efforts of instilling responsibility, we understand that in a new environment and routine some items are left behind.  On Friday, we attempt to collect all of those items from lodging, pool area, meeting spaces and around camp and display them in a central location for you to claim before leaving.  Invariably, several items are left behind and not missed until later.  We generally keep lost items for at least two weeks and will be happy to send them back to you or hold them for a reasonable amount of time for you to pick up.  If we mail items to you, we ask that you reimburse Calvin Crest for the shipping costs.

There is no cost for the Parent’s Dinner.  We do ask that you let us know at check-in that you will be planning to attend so we can plan our food preparation accordingly.  This is an opportunity for you to catch a glimpse of the camp experience and to meet some of your child’s new friends.

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