Summer Camp FAQs

FAQs.  Please select a category to find the answers to some of your most pressing questions.  If you don’t see your question, please contact us.

Check-In Information

Directions to camp can be found here.  Calvin Crest is located at the dead-end of County Road 13.  There is a large gravel parking lot to park in when you arrive.  If your camper is staying in cabins, leave your luggage in your vehicle and proceed to the check-in area under the large tree in front of the office.  If your camper is staying in A-Frames, feel free to bring your luggage to check-in.  At check-in, you’ll receive your cabin assignment, t-shirt and name tag and will be escorted to your lodging by a friendly counselor.  Parents can depart after they get their camper settled into the lodging.

Pets are an integral part of many families.  And we want to make sure that everyone is comfortable and at home as they arrive at Calvin Crest.  Pets are allowed to be on the grounds during check-in if they are on a leash.  We also ask that you clean up after your pet.  For a number of reasons, we ask that you refrain from bringing pets into buildings during your time at Calvin Crest.  Pets should not be brought to camp for the week.

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