Why Camp?

Why Camp?

Some people might not fully understand why camp is so important.  Important for life.  Important for community.  Important for the Church.  Keep reading and see if you agree!

The camp experience is hard to describe in just a few words, but so many people have attended camp and have grown so much through the experience.  Camp provides everyone involved a chance to grow.  Kids grow as they stretch their wings and gain some independence.  Summer Staff grow as they experience servant leadership.  Parents grow as they let go of their child in a safe and loving environment that is different from home.

At Calvin Crest, we do camp on purpose.  Kids are allowed to be a kid.  They are allowed and encouraged to try new things.  They are enabled to figure out how to live in community.  And, they are exposed to creative Bible teaching that gives them an opportunity to explore their faith among their peers.

Camp is important.  What do you think is the most important part of camp?

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