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You want more than a job this summer.  You want to spend your summer doing something that matters.  Something more than pushing paper and fetching coffee.

We can help you vanquish summer boredom and that feeling of doing the same old thing that every other college student is doing.  We can help you find meaning and maybe even change the world.

Three Easy Steps

  1. Apply to be on summer staff
  2. Interview and References
  3. Come and Change the World!Summer Staff

Be a part of the team at Calvin Crest where for almost 60 years, college students have spent time investing in the lives of children and youth in a residential, week-long summer camp program.

As a part of the summer staff you will have the chance to grow in your leadership abilities as you lead games, activities and interactive Bible studies.

You will have the chance to help others develop their social skills as you lead a small group of youngsters in their cabin.

You will have a voice in what happens each day and will have the chance to become your best self.

Campers will change before your eyes and your friends, who don’t come to camp, will see a changed YOU at the end of the summer.

Don’t be stuck inside all summer doing something for somebody else.  Come out to Calvin Crest and do something for yourself and for the next generation.  In just eight weeks you can change from a bored college student to a confident, energized super hero.

And if you aren’t quite ready to apply, you can check out the available job descriptions below.

We typically hire the following positions each summer: